The word “rank” has so many uses these days! Perhaps you searched the word to figure out how to boost your website and found yourself here. Maybe you’re looking to pump up your status in some area and stumbled upon my site. Or you could be old school like me and Rank is something you do and defend against.

Check it out…

Rank: (verb) to make fun of; to insult; to roast; to disparage; to put someone or something down; to smack talk.

Rank: (noun) insulting remark; a putdown; jibe; affront; slight; barb; informal dig; crack; put-down; cheap shot; low blow; roast; burn.

Whew! You get the idea right? No matter the road that led you to this site, there will be great stuff here to help soften the blows life (and jerks!) throw your way. You may not be able to get through each day unscathed, but you can certainly make sure you find yourself at the top of the ranks!